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Support for H.R. 1096

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Letter to my Congressional Representative Dear Sir: I urge you and all the Representatives of Texas to strongly oppose H.R. 1022, the renewal and expansion of the assault weapons ban. H.R. 1022 goes much further than its predecessor to extend to semi-auto shotguns and their receivers! Please oppose H.R. 1022 on our behalf. H.R. 1096 […]

Machine Gun Auction

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Traction Control has entered a bid! Should A FELLOW TEXAN prevail, Traction Control’s proprietor offers a no-fee FFL transfer. (The BATFE tax will still be $200). I hope we see more of these transfer opportunities in the future so that we can highlight the legal aspects of private machine gun ownership. Contact me through the […]

Vote Tancredo

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From Lastango at Daily Pundit: Vote Tancredo Today Tom Tancredo is asking for support in the voting at an online poll. Also, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has an article about Tancredo’s candidacy. It includes this bit: “(Tancredo) has very little chance to secure the nomination because you have some big names in the primary,” says pollster […]

CPU Drag Races: Overclocking

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Laptop Drag Races! Acer Ferrari 1000 (Source Link):

With blame and scorn to Carolyn McCarthy, a Democratic Representative from New York, we have a bill to “reauthorize the assault weapons ban, and for other purposes.” If you can believe it, H.R. 1022 goes much further than the Clinton Gun Ban of 1994 did. Also there is no 10-year expiration in H.R. 1022. A […]

Headlines and quotes from all over (2/14/2007 – 2/22/2006): Hat tips up-front (in order of appearance) to missionaryman, Bill Quick, Lastango, Pamela, Patterico, DRJ, PoliPundit, John Robb, Hot Air.com, PowerLine, SondraK, Jihad Watch, Tammy Bruce, Kim du Toit, SeeDubya, and Publicola. 2/22/2007 Groups Seek Shutdown of Immigration Center Groups seek shutdown of Texas center for immigrant […]

Who knew? CLEO’s and their designated procurement department representatives are invited to contact me via the Commercial site (See top of Sidebar) to upgrade their arsenals. All NFA rules apply. Police needing heavier weapons Chiefs cite spread of assault rifles By Kevin Johnson USA TODAY  WASHINGTON — Law enforcement agencies across the country have been upgrading […]

Includes 17 Republicans who decided to put a permanent end their political careers with a “Yes” vote.I oppose all 229 Democrats and the following 17 Republicans from this day forward in ANY capacity for failure to support our troops. I also question their patriotism. The list of the disgraceful republicans are below the fold:

Dennis Miller, tonight on O’Reilly (Fox News) says this should be a bumper sticker. Me too. I hope Tom Tancredo has time to kill some terrorists before the elections. Tags: Politics

(Click for LARGE image) When you care enough to only send the very best (down-range), the John Moses Browning designed M2’s from FN Herstal are widely considered the ultimate heavy machine gun. “… the M2/M3 series are simple, highly reliable, extremely effective guns that adapt to a range of battlefield roles.” – FNH USA Tags: […]

While the old links to Traction Control are still valid, I’ve setup the blog in a subdomain. The new addy is: TractionControl.Well-RegulatedMilitia.org Tags: Software

Traction Control does a clean install of Vista Ultimate – eliminating all partitions and upgrading new video drivers.  Elapsed time: 1 hour, 19 minutes.  No biggie. The previous thread about the Dell Customer Service Countdown Clock went nowhere.  Mr. Dell, so far you owe me $432.99 for failure to deliver the products I purchased four months […]

Link: Armed America

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Portraits of Gun Owners in their Homes Photographs by Kyle Cassidy Some interesting pics. Tags: Guns, Gun Pr0n  

By Tony Long via Wired News 1840: Hiram Maxim, inventor of the machine gun, is born. Although multi-shot weapons existed in one form or another for centuries, Maxim’s gun, which made its debut in 1881, is considered the first true machine gun. The key to the Maxim gun was that it eliminated the need for hand […]

The combined standings for the 2006 Season are in!

For those Stephen Hunter fans, Shooter is scheduled to appear in theaters on March 16, 2007 (now) March 23, 2007. The Director of Training Day brings us the story of Bob Swagger’s expertise with long range riflery being used to defend against an assassination attempt.  Based on the Stephen Hunter’s excellent novel Point of Impact.  […]

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (The CMP) is planning to offer a large lot of M1 Carbines for sale as early as March 1, 2007.  The next update is expected February 16 – 18, 2007.  Mark the link, and while you are waiting, you can shop the rest of the site, for, as an example this […]

Headlines and quotes from all over (1/24/2007 – 2/2/2006): 2/2/2007 Hunter’s Promise Duncan Hunter: “”As president, I will complete the border fence in six months.”… Rep.: Congress to Review Authority of Border Agents Congress will revisit the amount of enforcement authority Border Patrol agents are permitted following the conviction and imprisonment of two former agents […]


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