Shooting Back

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Passage Nehemiah 4:17: Those who were rebuilding the wall and those who carried burdens took their load with one hand doing the work and the other holding a weapon. From – hat tip to World Examiner.  See also, World Examiner’s link to Shooting Back it’s not just a right, it’s an obligation.  Let’s make it endure as a tradition […]

h/t to John Lott’s website, 14-Year-Old Boy Saves Himself and Mother from Attacker Good on him! Corpus Christi, Texas October 10, 2006 – Police said a 14-year-old boy was defending himself and his mother when he shot and killed an intruder Monday afternoon. (read it all at the link above) Defense is one of the […]

The forecast had called for morning rain, but the weather system moved to the east so my Concealed Handgun License qualification session proceeded without interruption. The classroom portion, wherein knowledge of crisis management techniques, communication models and the relevant statutes surrounding the use of lethal force were covered had some missteps. (I missed three of […]

Gun Pr0n – The Coach Guns

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Popular Mechanics did an article on the Revival of the Coach Gun with some good background information and a names of some manufacturers.  I found pictures for these and some others that provide some exposed hammer side-by-side 12 gauge eye candy for your weekend Gun Pr0n fix. The Coach guns: Picture quality varies in rough […]

InstaPundit has a big story!

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His Gun Piece made it to the New York Times most emailed list. Glenn will be on Cam Edward’s show to discuss the article 1/16/2006 (?). Tags: Guns, Gun Laws, Politics

2nd Amendment Sports

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If you are in Bakersfield, CA, give them a visit. Via Ninth Stage, via Say Uncle. Tags: Guns, Gun Laws, Politics

Good point. Tags: Guns, Gun Laws, Politics

… from the National Review’s Conservative summit … The 2nd Amendment Tags: Guns, Gun Laws, Politics

Debbie Does Dallas

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Stefani Morgan stars in this remake of the most recognized title of all time. Industry watchers judging whether Blue Ray or HD DVD will emerge as the dominant standard will have to wait – Debbie does both! I hope Stefani has my cell phone number. Pr0n

Also on display at the Discovery Channel’s, The Barret M107 (Formerly the M82A1) – maybe for BAG Day 2007 ? And Metalstorm’s remote-controlled Redback 40mm weapon system – an electronically fired, stacked projectile dispenser. Tags: Guns, Gun Laws, Politics

Gun Pr0n – Future Weapons

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On the Discovery Channel – go to to check it out. M32 – Multiple Grenade Launcher. Or this! XM307 25mm Airbursting Weapon System Sweet! Tags: Guns, Gun Laws, Politics

From The Gun Blog. Quote: 1) Do you honestly think that someone law-abiding enough to obey your sign is likely to start shooting up the place? 2) Do you honestly think that someone who is going to start shooting is likely to obey your sign? Question 2 shows why the sign is stupid. Question 1 […]

Happy New Year

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Traction Control wishes for the New Year to bring peace, prosperity and happiness for everyone and thanks our men and women in the military for doing the hard work of maintaining our freedoms. I was never more proud to show my appreciation to one of our returning servicemen when I led a long ovation at […]


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