My saintly daughter announced this weekend that she has joined NORML. I replied, “Why? Isn’t that Keith Stroup’s group?” After about 10 minutes of Google time, young daughter produced a picture of Keith with Willie Nelson and asked, “How did you know about Keith Stroup?” I said, “Us old guys do remember some things. What […]

What a bargain! The Mesa Verde restaurant at the Denver airport served a grilled chicken dinner that was very enjoyable. The only problem was the price. You see I flew from Houston with a stop in Denver on my way to Nebraska. With an hour an a half between flights, myself and two associates decided […]

Airport Blogging

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Testing the new laptop with some battery powered, wireless blogging at IAH.  The old computer would abruptly shut down after about 30 minutes on battery.  So far, I’ve been on 20 minutes and the battery meter shows 1:54 hours remaining.  So there has been quite an improvement. I checked the ranking on the Truth Laid […]

I’m off to Houston tonight; then to Denver, Colorado and Kearney, Nebraska tomorrow. Then I’m back to Houston late on Tuesday; and there ’til the end of the week From the Welcome to Kearney site: Kearney is the most dynamic smaller city in Nebraska – quite possibly the Midwest – and it affords amenities usually […]

Pay Day!

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The Google AdSense account response has been massive! Total (inception-to-date) credits: $0.97 Woot! (Wiping away tears of appreciation and gratitude), thanks for the clicks!

Firearms Links – Expanded

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The scroll-y window didn’t do justice to the A to Z Firearms Links section at the bottom of the Sidebar. So it’s now expanded. Send me a note if there are worthy links I’ve missed. Tags: Guns, Pr0n, Gun Stuff

Thanks, Bill!

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Traction Control has been added to the Daily Pundit blogroll! Thanks, Bill! He’s testing a WordPress installation; so send your configuration tips his way.

From Traction Control, with special thanks to our men and women in the armed forces. Stay safe.

Headlines and quotes from all over (11/16/2006 – 11/21/2006): November 21, 2006 Houstonian offers plane to help patrol border For years, Sheriff Oscar Carillo all but gave drug runners a free pass in the rugged and desolate desert that makes up most of southern Culberson County. But Houston radio talk-show host Edd Hendee has offered […]

I am fond of saying that, “If brute force does not work, then you are just not using enough of it.” This clip indicates that there may indeed be some practical limits. From the message I received: The recoil is shown twice in slo-motion. Try to follow the gun. This video is basically a “show […]

Ruger Mark I Pr0n

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For Ammo Day, the Ruger Mark I, freshly out of the smithy’s with a new disconnector, sear, matte black finish and a crown job. Sweet. The Ruger Mark 1 – purchased new in 1975 had some broken parts and some wear on the finish. It was just not right to have a non-functioning pistol on […]

Ammo Day!

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With thanks to Airborne Combat Engineer for the poster: It’s Buy Ammo Day! A hundred rounds or a hundred pounds; the choice is yours! See for details.

Headlines and quotes from all over (11/13/2006 – 11/15/2006): November 15, 2006 Not Yer Typical Texas Town “Ho ho ho—and it’s not even Christmas yet. From Texas: FARMERS BRANCH, Texas—City Council members Monday night unanimously passed ordinances they hope will curtail illegal aliens, but said they expected the new laws to be fought in court. […]

The City Council of Farmer’s Brance voted today by a 6 to 0 margin to preserve the rights of U.S. Citizens for U.S. Citizens. Fines for landlords and businesses that deal with illegal immigrants, and allowing local authorities to screen suspects in police custody to see if they are in the country illegally are parts […]

A different kind of Veterans Day Parade. (Video from YouTube) It would appear that the invasion is on! As I have been trying to point out with the last 87 Border Security posts: “Houston, we have a problem.” Tags: Border, Border Security, Politics  

Headlines and quotes from all over (11/9/2006 – 11/12/2006): November 12, 2006 Boy in Deportation Flap Heads to Mexico November 11, 2006 Democrats to ‘revisit’ law creating border fence Not that we ever expected a fence to be built by the government, this from today’s Washington Times: Democrats to ‘revisit’ law creating border fence Democrats […]

Veterans Day 2006

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God Bless all of you who have taken up arms in the name of Liberty. We all owe you the greatest gratitude and respect for your service to the country. Thank you, From Traction Control

Just because I like the looks of it. Tommy gun Pr0n with hat tip to The Thompson Collectors News. They have a lots of other great pictures and articles there.

Headlines and quotes from all over (11/8/2006 – 11/9/2006): November 9, 2006 Lost In The Excitement Quote Of The Day From Bill Buckley: “We heard from the solid base of conservatives who identify good government with the Republican Party. They spoke their opposition to a president who has not once used his constitutional power to resist […]

Read Choices. Heh.

Why the GOP Lost

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Tammy Bruce nails it with “And President Bush Wonders Why They Lost”.  I sounded one of 83 early warnings here. Clip: How is it that “12 million non-citizens can override the rights of 300 million Citizens?” For a truly horrific view of my other dire warnings go here and keep scrolling for about 15 minutes. When our […]

Election Day! The Border is being overrun and we squabble about nuance. November 7, 2006 Border security, education on minds of Texas voters Chertoff says border security improving I Finally Have to Ask… Al Qaeda Leader: Materials Smuggled Across Border Minuteman Border Fence update 11/7/06 Texas puts ‘virtual border watch’ online Twofer: Illegal Immigration And […]

Attica! Attica!

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Neaderpundit wrote: Don’t vote, if it inconveniences you. Today I have to drive 290 miles to a job. I will be there all week. Because I couldn’t get an absentee ballot I will have to drive 290 miles back home tonight, get up in the morning, and drive 290 miles AGAIN. yes, I feel that […]

Here The author of “Tribes” posts this new essay in which he challenges slogans as a alternative for intellectual thought. Another must read. Tags: Politics, Bill Whittle

Scrappleface added to Blogroll!

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Go see Scrappleface now.  Buh-bye.

As the 2006 election cycle draws near, it seems appropriate to remember this article: If you don’t vote like a gun owner, YOU SUCK! By Peter Caroline According to most estimates, there are between 75 and 80 million adult gun owners in the United States. That’s more people than voted in the last presidential election. […]


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By hanging. From the NY Times: The five-judge panel, which heard more than nine months of testimony in the case, also issued death sentences for two of his seven co-defendants: Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti, Mr. Hussein’s half-brother, who was head of Iraq’s domestic intelligence agency; and Awad al-Bandar, president of Mr. Hussein’s revolutionary court. Tags: Support […]

Tonight on Fox. Tune in tonight 8 PM, and Sunday at 1 AM, and 5 AM, 4 PM and 10 PM. All times EST. H/T to Pamela at Atlas Shrugs. . . . Update: Fox is showing interviews and excerpts from the short film Obsession. See ObsessionTheMovie to order the whole film. Live Blog notes: […]

Buy a Gun Day 2006 – Update

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April 15, 2006 Update Delivery day approaches! I’ve ordered the NobuckL sling – an authentic copy of the original 1 1/4″ Kerr sling known as the M3 or M1914. Khaki web construction with unmarked metal hardware. OAL 43″. for the Auto Ordnance Thompson M1SB / M1A1. If you don’t know about them, Numrich ( is […]

National Ammo Day 6

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At with a big Hat Tip to Marc at Ninth Stage for the reminder. It’s a BuyCott, not a boycott. Stock up. Hmm. Let’s see. Looks like I’ll need need some .177 Pellets, some .22 short, some .22 Long Rifle, some .223 Rem, some .30-06 Springfield, some .308 Win, some 9mm (.355) Luger, some […]

Texas Border Watch Cameras

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Go here, login and watch the border with live cameras. There’s even a link to report suspicious activity. Tag: Border Security

Headlines and links from all over (11/3/2006): November 3, 2006 More Serious About Border Security? Government releases details on border screening Governor candidates work border for votes Texas’ border cameras make modest debut today Texas begins online test of Mexico border cameras Latin leaders set to condemn U.S. border fence Want to watch the border? […]


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