Notice The September ePostal Match is nearing its deadline. See the link for targets, rules, and more information The cut-off for entries is midnight, Pacific Time on 9/30/2006. We are planning to shoot another set of targets at the Sooper Secret Shootin’ Spot tomorrow. Hint, the current low round from the Pro Tees appears to […]

Now about that shape …

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The Arizona 9/11 memorial is in for a re-write. It seems that those who commissioned the memorial never actually reviewed the inscriptions. They’re now PWN3D. Now, about The Flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania … (See Category for previous posts).

Headlines and links from all over (9/24/2006 – 9/27/2006) September 27, 2006 Positively Dripping Saudis to Fence Border With Iraq To Keep Out Terrorists Canadian MP calls border officers ‘wimps’ Stand for American Workers Border security plan delayed Operation U-Turn in Kansas City, MO on Saturday Terrorism: Yet another Long-Term Cost of Mass Immigration State […]

H/T Little Green Footballs Un-f’ng-believable, the Arizona 9/11 Memorial becomes the second crescent of Islam to disgrace the memories of the victims of that terrible day and all U.S. Citizens. The East Valley Tribune reports that Sept. 11 incsriptions spark outrage. Some quotes, “You don’t win battles of terrorism with more battles.” Another: “Congress questions […]

Headlines and links from all over (9/13/2006 – 9/23/2006) September 23, 2006 Chief defends HPD immigrant policy Nuevo Laredo gunbattle leaves ‘several’ dead Immigration Work Force Fights Corruption Law-Abiding Americans September 22, 2006 Pear Growers Are Complaining, So We Must Be Doing Something Right On Illegal Immigration Colo. Dragging Victim Identified Officials investigate latest Tijuana […]

On Saturday the 16th, we will be at the Sooper-Sekrit shootin’ spot to get some entries filed in the September ePostal Match. This month’s challenge: Pistol Golf !!! Kim du Toit plans to join in and promises to make this weekend’s outing into some memorable Shooting Trail footage. Other readers are planning to attend as […]

Having just returned from the Nation’s Capitol (No more travel for 54 hours, yea!); I had some banking to do. The bank at the corner offers three three ATMs: two drive-ups and one walk up. I drove to the one lane that offered a 360 degree of the area (the other drive-up has a wall […]

When one writes with such clarity and purpose, it illuminates the issues with an insightful essence I find uplifting without a modicum of remorse or trepidation. High thee hence. (Fancy talk for, “Yo, Check it Out!”) See the real deal at VDH’s new Blog.

Wretchard at the Belmont Club. Added.

After many hat tips, I just noticed that I did not blogroll Theodore’s World. That’s fixed. Thanks, Wild Thing! for the daily reading enjoyment and your consistent support for our heroes.

Traction Control welcomes the Blogroll addition of Girl On The Right. First seen – by moi – in a post at Theodore’s World (h/t to Wild Thing) .

Headlines and links from all over (9/8/2006 – 9/13/2006) September 13, 2006 Gunmen kill police chief in Nuevo Leon, Mexico Use 12,000 troops to guard Canadian border, U.S. urged Mexican Officials to Burn Ballots September 12, 2006 WANTED: Adnan Jumaa for Suspected Nuclear Attack on US Immigration no threat to English use in U.S.: study […]

Wicked Lasers.  Sweet.

National Firearms Act of 1934

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The National Firearms Act of 1934 provides for the registration, and the taxing of the transfer, of a class of weapons described as NFA Title 2 weapons … machine guns, short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, silencers … The new manufacture of machine guns or the conversion of semi auto weapons to full auto weapons […]

Travel Blogging

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I am working in the Nation’s Capitol this week. Advancing the technology that ensures that, “We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.” It’s really not that complicated.

. In Arabic, it means “I will not surrender. I will not submit.” In practical terms, it means, “I will not be muslim.” In Texas, it means “Bring it on.” H/T Michelle With this post, let me point out that Michelle has entered the realm of the first name only recognenitia. Along with Oprah, Madonna, […]

Barbara Keating is honored by USCitizen at the blog Traction Control, the 1602th blogger to sign up for the 2,996 Tribute project. 2,996: A Tribute to the Victims of 9/11 Bloggers honor the innocent victims of that fateful day… Barbara Keating, age 72. Place killed: American Airlines Flight 11. Resident of Palm Springs, Calif. (USA). […]

h/t Screw Loose Change . . .

Bumped. Note: This is a re-Post of an earlier entry now that the 60-day suspension of our God-given Constitutional rights has begun. . . . This site pledges to uphold the Constitutional right to free speech by providing ad and message space to restricted organizations. (All submissions are subject to approval at the discretion of […]

September ePostal Match: Handgun and Rifle Golf Next up, Golf! Hosted here at Traction Control. Click link for details and a preview of a practice round. Originally, Handgun Golf the rules have been expanded to include rifle shooters! Scoring rules are printed on the right of the targets. There are (See Modification) six classes, Handguns: […]

Headlines and links from all over (9/4/2006 – 9/7/2006) September 7, 2006 *rubs eyes* Kinky Friedman, a rebel or embarrassment? ObraGore’s Parallel Government Border Security To Get Push Before Elections Calderon’s political skills may beat weak mandate Gubernatorial candidate Friedman touts border security plan Is this for Real? Mexico President-Elect Begins Transition September 6, 2006 […]

Turn Down Service?

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I travel. I travel a lot. And one thing I gotta’ wonder about is this whole so-called “turn down” service thing? What’s the deal with that, anyway? It seems like an oxymoron at least. I mean, that someone – usually a woman, opens your hotel door, walks in, and offers turn-down service? What’s up with […]

Concealed Carry

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To the extreme. Baggy pants? Shirt not tucked in? Are these threat signals? Right click and save this VIDEO for viewing. Amazing.

Airport Blogging

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Another delayed flight – this time to Washington, gave me a chance to check up on emails. Evidently I mislabeled a scan on my August ePostal match entry sent to this month’s guest host, the Conservative UAW Guy. I sent two copies of the same scan with different names. My Smith & Wesson entry may […]

Headlines and links from all over (8/18/2006 – 9/4/2006) September 4, 2006 Miller — The Brewski of Weasels. Candidate: Mexico Needs New Constitution September 3, 2006 Many in Mexico fear election conflict escalation Immigration protesters plan march Latinos protest Pennsylvania town’s immigration law Mexico challenger rallies support Mexican leftist will never accept rival’s win Congress […]

RightWing Sparkle

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Traction Control‘s newest Blogroll addition. Click

August ePostal Contest Extended

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August has been extended into September – with scoring rule changes, too! Check out the extension notice at the Conservative UAW Guy. I’ve revised my target scores to 150 for the Smith & Wesson 11-A and 154 for the Ruger Mark III Target Model. New Targets are coming out of the printer as I type. […]

Glenn, In your Fatwah against the CapsLock key last week, you wondered if manufacturers could be persuaded to leave the CapsLock key off of keyboards. The dreaded CapsLock key has been conquered at Traction Control by using WinKb 2.0 from DataGem. WinKb loads on start-up and defeats the Capslock key’s evil nature; freeing the writer […]

Breaking “Your name is not important to us. On September 6th, there will be nuclear war.” That was the way the telephone message began – and that’s (about) all my brother heard when he hung up the phone. His caller ID captured the number with a Dallas (214) area code. Next, my brother contacted me […]

Comment at Smokin’ Barrel

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The post is titled What is a Man?” (Hit Link and scroll up to read it all.) Excerpt: “… A man is someone who has better things to do with his time than sitting around watching T.V., like teaching his son how to be a man….” Read Smokin’ Barrel’s post at the link and then […]


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