“We’re looking at a threat as a possible angle,” Lt. Pierce Gallagher said. “Certainly, we can’t rule that out.” It’s sheer genius how they can come up with a hypothesis like that on such scant evidence. Too Weird! Link to story

Whilst shooting with Kim du Toit this weekend, the conversation turned to Pistol Golf. Having had varying degrees of (mostly bad) luck mixing .45 Autos and Titleists, it occurred to me to try a different approach. I present the potential ePostal target: Pistol Golf. (right click link or image below to download) The targets are […]

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EMail addy is: USCitizen -at- Well-RegulatedMilitia -dot- org

This afternoon, the sun was bright and the air crystal clear as we approached the edifice of the World Trade Center; its stainless steel signage, marking a proud introduction for something that simply was no longer there. I expected that my reaction to my first visit to ground zero since September 11, 2001 would be […]

Travel Can be Interesting

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On my travels last week between three of America’s greatest cities: San Francisco to Chicago to New York, I had the unexpected pleasure of boarding alongside a most remarkable young lady. I regret that we did not have time to talk more, but Elisha, you are certainly welcome to email me anytime.

Headlines and links from all over (6/28/2006 – 7/11/2006) Tancredo: In Mortal Danger Karl Rove and “The Race” Colorado’s New Anti-Illegal Migrant Law Open borders at the WSJ: Another day, another dishonest editorial Corruption Busted on the Border So, What Happened? General Peter Pace Gives Moving Speech on Immigration Thomas Sowell: People Power Congressman Mike […]

Flight 93 Memorial a Mihrab

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Hat Tip to Little Green Footballs who reminds us that the most controversial features of the Flight 93 Memorial are unchanged after the much touted “redesign” and adds that comments are open at The Flight 93 Memorial Home Page. I’ve noted in previous posts here, here and here that this travesty was being built as […]

Let us celebrate this day and voice our support for those who take the fight for freedom to our enemies.  Freedom has never been free. Support our troops and those who support our mission in the world with their voices. God Bless America.

2,017 short of the 2,500 National Guard troops requested by President Bush; only 483 are on post. Worse yet, these troops have reportedly been assigned to vehicle maintenance and administrative support roles. Does the President have the authority (and the will) to call on the unorganized militia?  Perhaps we would see a better turnout.


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