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Major smack down to the NY Times at Big Lizards. A line by line expose of lies in the once proud (?) “Paper of Record”. Note to Editors everywhere: Memories are not so short anymore. The blogosphere will Fact.Check.Your.Ass! Note to John Kerry: You denigrated our men and women in uniform. You will never be […]

The Carnival of Cordite is Up

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Issue number 60 of the Carnival of Cordite is up at Gullyborg’s place. Go ahead and give it a shot. Gun Stuff

Interesting…. Seeing that 4% of Traction Control‘s traffic is coming from, I extend this Hat Tip. Send a comment this way and I’ll try to focus on what interests you most about the site!

Memorial Day

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God Bless Our Troops. Your efforts are valued far beyond any of those of us who are Stateside. Those who have sacrificed their all in defense of freedom are owed our deepest respect. You have earned our eternal gratitude. USCitizen Memorial Day, 2006. Support Our Military

Maybe it’s me, but three (of three) ISPs I’ve tried here in Montreal do not allow a connection to the Ace of Spades HQ site. Could it be that Ace hasn’t added his Cool Bookmark icon yet? Hmm, I have to wonder.

Check out the latest addition to the Traction Control Blogroll: it’s News from the Border. As my many ‘hat tips’ have indicated, this site is a primary source for breaking news on the immigration and National Security fronts. Click. Read. Learn. Thanks! Border Security

Border Security

I watched President Bush’s comments carefully tonight. If my interpretation of the President’s speech is correct, protection of the borders will be enhanced only marginally. National Guard involvement will only a non-military ‘support’ effort of a temporary nature. Perhaps we should just annex Mexico and points south so that next border for us not to […]

Carnival of Cordite #59 is up. See it now at Gullyborg‘s place. Gun Stuff

Headlines and links from all over (5/12/2006 – 5/14/2006) 5/14/2006 (Afternoon Update) Bush sees National Guard as stopgap on Mexico border Economic Impact of Immigrants Unclear Frist: Guard troops the best short-term border fix Environmentalists Split On Immigration Backlog At Borders, Cracks in The System The Magic Card Protester Sought in Kicking Miss Mexico Looney-tune […]

Headlines and links from all over (5/12/2006) 5/12/2006 Pentagon Exploring Military for Border Security U.S. May Expand Fences on Mexico Border Bush to Address Nation Monday Night on Immigration U.S. May Expand Border Fences Bush to Address Immigration Monday Night Bush to Speak About Immigration on Monday U.S. May Expand Border Fences Pentagon May Help […]

Throw them all out, But how?

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Bill Quick posted an excellent recap of a Ken Mehlman interview. Bill’s comments are here. My thoughts / comment are below: Bill, Excellent points, all of them. The politicos are responding in the ‘tried and true’ mode of the past. As more engage the online media ‘tied and true’ will be a non-starter. The fatal […]

Headlines and links from all over (5/8/2006 – 5/11/2006) 5/11/2006 Lou Dobbs Detonates Senators reach deal on reviving immigration bill Maybe Somebody Is Starting to Feel The Heat? The Answer to Immigration is in the Economics Beware A “Vapor Barrier” On The Border Frist Says He Will Bring “Border Security First” to the Floor Monday […]


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Michelle has this report. I am considering the discontinuation of all further Headline Summaries on Border Security so as not to provide a source of information that can be readily accessed by the Mexican Government. The degree of risk the Department of Homeland Security has brought upon law-abiding U.S. Citizens is appalling. Turning citizen patrol […]

Bald Eagle Cam

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Hancock Wildlife Channel hosts Eagle Eye. A streaming web cam at a Bald Eagle’s nest.  Amazing! Majestic! 10 million visitors a day! Bookmark & watch.  It’s hard to turn it off.

Carnival of Cordite is up

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Carnival of Cordite Number 58 is hosted at Gullyborg’s Place. H/T to Mr. Completely Gun Stuff

Headlines and links from all over (5/7/2006) 5/7/2006 Migrants in U.S. Pay to Have Kids Smuggled Gov. Says Borders Are Vulnerable 500 protest immigrant ‘invasion’ in Crawford Houston migrant’s earnings cost him his health Illegal Aliens Captured Working at Air Force Base The History behind Cinco de Mayo 720,000+ Arrested Crossing Border in 7 Months […]

In its entirety …. ———————————— ANGELA K. BROWN Associated Press CRAWFORD, Texas, EEUU – Unas quinientas personas participaron el sábado en una concentración cerca de la finca del presidente George W. Bush para solicitar que se refuerce la seguridad en la frontera y protestar contra una virtual amnistía a inmigrantes ilegales. “Peleamos por salvar nuestro […]

Flying the Flag

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The North Texas Chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps mobilized today as a light rainfall cleared and the sun broke through the clouds. A moving audience of thousands of Texas motorists honked and waved support at the sight of American and Texas Flags flying at the freeway overpass. The North Texas Chapter has experienced […]

Headlines and links from all over (5/3/2006 – 5/4/2006)(With a special H/T to News from the Border – the source of 7 of the posts in this edition). 5/4/2006 “Decent Human Beings” Among Blacks, Immigration Debate Gets Legs As the Minutemen have been saying… Border Patrol Seizes More than 1,350 lbs of Marijuana Boycott This […]

The day of the Illegal Immigration protests, and the two days following have been remarkable. A common theme you can read in the Headlines that follow is that of “Backlash” – pointing to the less-than-spectacular impact of the protest; and the damage the protests did to both the image and the causes of the protesters. […]

From Captain Ed‘s: Sneakeasy’s Joint joined the 101st Fighting Keyboarders and posted about his decision to join up — which prompted a surprising e-mail from US Central Command: Hi, Kiril: I caught your post about the 101st Fighting Keyboardists. Good luck with the project! I’m not sure if you have been to the US Central […]

Headlines and links from all over (5/1/2006) 5/1/2006 ‘A Day without Immigrants’ A Sign of the Apocalypse Arizona calls for crackdown as immigrants protest Few restaurants closed during boycott Immigration strike hits home Mexicans march in solidarity New Trouble for The Open Borders/Amnesty Con? Thousands expected to rally in Seattle for immigrant rights US immigrants […]

The Carnival of Cordite is Up!

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Hat tip to Say Uncle for the reminder. Check out Carnival of Cordite No 57 here with thanks the Spank that Donkey for hosting. Gun Stuff


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