Headlines and links from all over (4/30/2006) 4/30/2006 Range of actions planned for boycott Rice is Wrong I will be covering the Demonstration… Standing Up Against Amnesty Day Without Immigrants Approaches Immigration Boycott May Lack Bite Growing Immigrant-Rights Efforts Praised Just The Facts Ma’am! Hey! Illegals GET OUT! Thousands of Illegal Alien Predators Target Children […]

Traction Control joins the 101st. Read the background at this link at Captain’s Quarters and check out the members on the blogroll (eyes right). Update 4/30/2006: Listed but not yet deployed … Awaiting instructions, Sir! Support Our Military

From Hot Air A Hot Air reader strikes back at the open borders White House. Last week I got a form letter from the “Whitehouse” asking for money to the RNC. I enclosed four of those “0 pesos” bills with Bush’s face on it and mailed it back. It’s been a good 10 years since […]

Headlines and links from all over (4/28/2006 – 4/29/2006) 4/29/2006 Mayor: Mexico Drug Measure ‘Appallingly Stupid’ Light Dawns in the West Meanwhile, South of the Border… The Mexican presidential election Reid Blinks Thousands Expected to Boycott over Immigration Immigrant Boycott’s Economic Impact Bush Says Anthem Should be Sung in English Labor Secretary Praises Houston Diversity […]

Headlines and links from all over (4/27/2006) 4/27/2006 Schwarzenegger, facing re-election, shifts on immigration Squaring Up for a Drugs War on Streets of Laredo EUA Immigration Issue Could Lead to 3rd Party Candidate NBC/WSJ: Bad News for Bush, Good News for GOP? May 1 Immigrant Boycott Aims to “Close” US Cities Women Risk Rape, Death […]

Headlines and links from all over (4/25/2006 – 4/26/2006) 04/26/2006 War Funds Diverted to Border Security Bush Hears the Uproar but Misses the Message Open-Borders Bush: The Final Straw? Big boost for US border security Mexico Meddles in Mass Murder Anti-migrant group plans cross-country rally Bush’s Worst Nightmare – Americans in Action Bush Thought He […]

Cross posted from comment at HotAir.com: The ‘Anthem’ is one more slap in the face. Following the massive demonstrations of two weeks ago, many (myself included) feel that the blatant threat to the sovereignty of our nation would spark some National backlash; some response. Now we learn of the response: Presidente Bush reached an Immigration […]

Headlines and links from all over (4/25/2006) 04/25/2006 Border checkpoints disappear Border Patrol spy drone crashes near Tubac More violence in Texas from rival criminal cartels A Different View David Frum, On the Unsmart Party American Soldiers with Sombreros? Behold the Open Borders Spawn Now We Know Who The Enemy Is Arizona lawmakers working with […]

Bush for Amnesty

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See VDare for this perspective on President Bush’s Orange County speech. With approval ratings now (per CNN) at 32% I gotta ask, “Is George Bush going for an even lower approval number?” George, Build the Wall. Secure the Borders. Do.Your.Job. – It is still “a job Americans want (you) to do”. Border Security,Politics

Kim Nails It!

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Kim du Toit, the “erudite conservative intellectual gun owner who sometimes gets pissed off” absolutely nails it in his post: Not Even Close. Go. Read.Now. Earlier I re-posted the text of about 500 responses from Bill Frist’s VOLPAC site. Assuming Bill Frist has actually read one or two of these messages one would think that […]

Headlines and links from all over (4/23/2006 – 4/24/2006) 04/24/2006 Bush Takes Pitch for Guest Worker Program to California Uninvited “Guest Worker” Amnesty … Video Volunteers Wanted Minutemen, Muslims, & Peaceniks Whose Land Is It? On Illegal Migration, It’s Victory Or Defeat Not Even Close Bush Wants Republicans To Buy Amnesty … Illegal aliens robbed […]

Headlines and links from all over (4/22/2006 – 4/23/2006) 04/23/2006 Immigration bill possible this year despite disagreement US struggles with migration; Mexicans see it as part of life Now analyst will evaluate the numbers Deported from S.D., Somalian back home ‘The More Fearful Remain’ Kennedy urges Bush to push immigration bill Specter: Immigration Bill Possible […]

The Carnival of Cordite is Up!

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Carnival of Cordite number 56 is up at the Revolutionary War Veterans Association Weblog. Take a look. (H/T to Say Uncle.) Gun Stuff

Headlines and links from all over (4/20/2006 – 4/22/2006) April 22, 2006 The Humanitarian Argument For Border Closure Migrant tally called misleading Bill Frist has “Get Tough” Column on Immigration Mexitude Starting To Get the Message Senate to take up border security upon return This and That US of North America – Merging U.S., Mexico […]

Headlines and links from all over (4/17/2006 – 4/20/2006): April 20, 2006 Houston firm at center of immigration raids Homeland security chief announces immigration crackdown Companies using illegal workers to be targeted Mexico struggles to combat people smuggling Sounds Like a Plan To Me Immigration Agents Nab Execs, Employees in Raids Workers, managers arrested in […]

Building the Wall

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The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is once again bridging the gap between what our government won’t do and what we citizens have established the goverment to actually do. The Minuteman Project Will Build the Wall. Private landowners along the US border will be the first to enjoy the benefits of protection from an unfettered foreign […]

The Carnival of Cordite is Up!

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Check out what’s new in the Carnival of Cordite Number 55.

Headlines and links from all over (4/17/2006): April 17, 2006 Georgia governor signs sweeping immigration law Georgia vs. Illegal Immigration Georgia Governor vetoes effort to criminalize immigrants’ presence Eva Longoria: Open Borders Activist Help Me I Am In Hill Immigration Sanity Starts To Reach Common Dreams Immigration Hollywood Is Quiet On Immigration Five More States […]

Headlines and links from all over (4/07/2006 – 4/16/2006): 04/16/2005 Immigration debate gets big play in Mexico Immigration stances vary among Houstonians Immigration: The Light Dawns for American Blacks. Inculcate kids with patriotism Many Have Jobs in U.S. Before Crossing Border MCDC gets air support from Oregon legislator Thousands at L.A. City Hall to support […]


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Even though my web statistics page is showing 45,989 server requests and 16,197 page views, the Site Meter is approaching 1776. Drop me a note if you are visitor 1776! As much as the number is significant as the year of our own Declaration of Independence, it is also two times the magical ‘888‘ noted […]

Bumped 7 more shopping days remaining ’til April 15. It’s BAG (Buy A Gun) Day IV. Aaron’s (http://aarons.cc/) concept has become a tradition. While his site seems to be experiencing technical difficulty major jihad, I’ll pass along that: New for 2006, he has set up a Frappr Map click to ‘place your pin on the […]

Bumped Mr. Completely is organizing the First Annual Gunblogger Rendezvous in Reno. This will be a great opportunity to meet and greet many of our daily reads in October. I plan to make a scouting run this weekend to check out the AO. At minimum, I can report back on shooting ranges, gun store & […]

All unedited comments – with names redacted, from Bill Frist’s VOLPAC site (as of 9:50 PM CDT) – accompanied by his original post: (Long and not complementary content advisory) This morning Democrat obstruction dealt a serious blow to America’s border security and to America’s national security. Several weeks ago, I introduced an “enforcement first” border […]

Commentor at Frist Message Board (Captured By Cave-In Critics) (from VDare) “I have been dealing with this invasion by non Americans into our country for 36yrs.as a cop! It has been a problem for that long. Why are BOTH partys JUST NOW dealing with it!  Quit whining like it’s a NEW problem and FIX it! […]

Headlines and links from all over (4/06/2006 – 4/07/2006): 04/07/2006 Immigration Bill is Tabled Senate Immigration Deal Falls Apart Can History Repeat Itself? The Mexican Solution Quote of the Day The Pride of Morrissey Boulevard (cont.) Build That Fence! Fridaze Students who march Monday face citation, suspension Senate vote bad news for immigration bill Senate […]

While the Senate is working to appease 12 million criminals and to ignore 320 million Citizens, I will be looking for signs of the emergence of a third party. The platform will be easy to recognize. It will begin with: Uphold the oath of office; defend the Constitution. Just who are our Representatives representing, anyway?

Headlines and links from all over (4/05/2006 – 4/06/2006): 4/6/06 Senate GOP revise immigration bill Couple guilty of smuggling baby Schools Ban Patriotic Clothes, Flags Stay in class, schools urge White American alleges racism 4/5/06 Republicans offer immigration plan The Case of the Wily Coyote Task Forces Target Immigration Fraud Migrant Workers vs. Immigrants USA […]

Headlines and links from all over (4/03/2006 – 4/04/2006): 4/4/06 A Tale of Two Cities VDH: Assimilation Is the Real Debate Field Report: Arizona John McCain Thinks Americans Are French Forum explains immigration bills (w/audio) The Simmering Debate Over Illegals Planners of immigration march expect 100,000 Illegal Aliens are already criminals…! US, Mexico extend crackdown […]

Bush Was Right

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Check out The Right Brothers‘ way cool song. Bush Was Right – H/T PowerLine

ePostal Matches for April

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The ePostal Match for April 2006 is being hosted at my1911.com The target is available for download along with the scenario for the match. Results are due by April 24. I think I’ll give it a shot. Meanwhile Mr. Completely is hosting another challenging shooting competition. See rules and the target here.

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps in the news: Minuteman Go Back to Work Minutemen kick off return engagement in Arizona Northwest Minutemen in Washington Minutemen return to U.S. border watch Minutemen Gather for New Campaigns At Border Minutemen Reopen Border Control Effort Minutemen Return: Group in South Texas for patrols Minuteman do “Job the government […]


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