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It’s not about me, it’s about my children and their children. It’s about resisting the onslaught that threatens America and our way of life. It’s not about political correctness; not about popularity. What is it about? It’s about reality; and it’s about time.

How much ammo?

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Several gunbloggers were exploring the question of, “How much is ammo is appropriate?” While the elusive answer may be, “One more round than is required for a given situation”, that answer has some caveats. My favorite caveat is, “unless you’re swimming.” Anyway, I like to keep at least one box on hand for each caliber. […]

Righteous Shooting Candidate

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A likely candidate for Goblin Count: 111. Here. A Houston homeowner fatally shoots suspected robber (Houston Chronicle, March 7, 2006) The homeowner, who was not injured, found two armed men dressed in black about 3:30 a.m. after pulling into the garage of the house in the 9500 block of Almeda Pines. The accused robbers forced […]

I’m shopping for a deep-concealment handgun. I’m looking at either the North American Arms .22 Magnum Mini-Revolver, or the Beretta Tomcat. (I’ve already got a Beretta 950, which I guess is more or less the current Bobcat model in .25, but I want more oomph).What I really wanted was one of these, but apparently the […]

Letter to the gun-grabbers of San Francisco

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This article (link) from Jim March is one of the most compelling arguments against banning guns that I have read. Jim has given permission to re-post as long as you attribute his name as the author. Letter to the gun-grabbers of San Francisco Rachel, Craig and whoever “Silence Dogood” is, The three of you have […]

Fun with digital cameras department. Clear screen computer? Nope, actual background photo. Note the menu bar at the bottom of the screen and the tiny Recycle Bin icon at lower left. Oh, and Traction Control tip for the day: .223 casings make excellent pegboard hooks. (Look to the right of the phone, around the power […]

via MichelleMalkin.com 2006 REPORTING ALIENS UPDATE TO REPORT AN ILLEGAL ALIEN OR CRIMINAL ALIEN RESIDENT contact the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division of the Department of Homeland Security by calling (866) DHS-2ICE to “report suspicious activity” (866) 347-2423. You can also make a report with the DHS/ICE Investigations division in a city near you […]

Publicola’s – The Post

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Today, Publicola penned one of those articles that you don’t just read, you don’t just bookmark. The Post is one of those rare gems you print to paper; you save to the hard drive; and then you make backups of the drive. The Post captures the focus, the essence, the gestalt of the aimed shot. […]


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