The Immigration Bills

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From the Ace. Linked to the Ace of Spades HQ. Read the post. Stay for the comments.

Headlines and links from all over (3/27/2006 – 3/28/2006): 03/28/06 Student Immigration Protests Continue Senators Alarmed By Border Failures Mayor’s controversial immigration enforcement plan More questions about the nation’s border security Protests against immigration bill widens Immigration fight looms Immigration Influx Changes States Far From Border Illegal Immigration Student Protest in Dallas “Jobs Americans Won’t […]

Headlines and links from all over (3/17/2006 – 3/26/2006): 03/26/06 Bill Adding (only) 6 Months to Punishment Backlash Fishing nets tangle relations on border Kennedy assessed the immigration policy debate Senate prepares for divisive immigration debate Size of L.A. March Surprises Authorities Thousands March Against Immigration Bill Illegal Aliens: R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Border War: Immigration Debate Heats […]


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It’s not about me, it’s about my children and their children. It’s about resisting the onslaught that threatens America and our way of life. It’s not about political correctness; not about popularity. What is it about? It’s about reality; and it’s about time.

Border Security Update

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March 17th, 2006 Bill Frist introduces the Secure America’s Borders Act. (Link here, and H/T to Polipundit). Mr. Frist writes: 07:54 PM – March 16th, 2006 This evening I am introducing the Secure America’s Borders Act (SABA) to improve our nation’s security along our borders. In a post 9/11 world, border security is a matter […]

Headlines and links from all over (3/14/2006 – 3/16/2006): 03/16/06 Senators near compromise on immigration reform How Many Terrorist Watch “Hits” Were Illegals? Senate Panel Leans Toward Guest Worker Program Possible smugglers held in Houston shootout Border debate threatens immigration law Frist Won’t Wait for Panel’s Work on Immigration Mexico’s Fox predicts backlash in drug […]

In the first 30 days of this blog’s existence, it has evolved 7 levels in the Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem! Level 7 Flippery Fish Level 6 Slimy Molluscs Level 5 Lowly Insects Level 4 Crunchy Crustaceans Level 3 Wiggly Worms Level 2 Multicellular Microorganisms Level 1 Insignificant Microbes Not awesome, yet – but showing some […]

Headlines and links from all over (3/08/2006 – 3/13/2006): 03/13/06 Barriers at border go up as debate on goes… Please Fence Me In Family Members, House Guests, and Illegal Aliens 03/11/06 Will Mexico come clean? Vincente Fox of… Too Expensive!! 100,000 March in Favor of Immigrant Rights 03/10/06 Feds target gangs in crackdown Feds Nab […]

Gale Norton Resigns. The Interior Secretary told associates, “she wanted to return to private life….” There was oddly, no mention in the CBS article of the shrine to Islamic Facism; the design of which was approved under her administration. Updates: CBS expands the story, but does not address the controversial United Flight 93 Memorial design […]

Headlines and links from all over (3/08/2006 – 3/10/2006): 03/10/06 Border Agents Accused of Taking Bribes Immigrants robbed just north of Mexican border Man … arrested in death of daughter Border agents arrested on smuggling charges Napolitano vetoes border bill, …’political games’ Photographer shot to death outside home … 03/09/06 New immigration chief “…ready for […]

How much ammo?

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Several gunbloggers were exploring the question of, “How much is ammo is appropriate?” While the elusive answer may be, “One more round than is required for a given situation”, that answer has some caveats. My favorite caveat is, “unless you’re swimming.” Anyway, I like to keep at least one box on hand for each caliber. […]

Headlines and links from all over (3/07/2006 – 3/08/2006): 03/08/06 THE OPEN BORDERS GOLD CARD Senators challenge governor on Guard at border Flying Pigs Dept: WaPo Columnist Calls for Fence More Mexican police killed in Nuevo Laredo Photos from the protest at McCain’s offices U.S. agency ready for guest worker program DHS to probe immigration […]

Border goes hot

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Men told to shoot (Ed. – “to Scare”) border agents By Jerry Seper THE WASHINGTON TIMES Go.Read.Now.

888. The number is not all that impressive in terms of overall magnitude, I’ll admit. 888 hits in 24 days of blogging ain’t really that much, but it’s a lot to me. Sure, sure Glenn Reynolds probably has 888 hits per second at Instapundit (Michelle Malkin who’s a lot cuter has a hit rate that […]

Deputy charged in shooting of Iraq vet (via CNN) See video at the CNN story, then read transcript: Here is the conversation during the videotape recorded in San Bernadino: “Get up!” the deputy shouts. “OK,” Carrion says. “Get up!” the deputy shouts again. “I’m going to get up,” Carrion says and starts to rise. The […]

Righteous Shooting Candidate

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A likely candidate for Goblin Count: 111. Here. A Houston homeowner fatally shoots suspected robber (Houston Chronicle, March 7, 2006) The homeowner, who was not injured, found two armed men dressed in black about 3:30 a.m. after pulling into the garage of the house in the 9500 block of Almeda Pines. The accused robbers forced […]

Headlines and links from all over (3/03/2006 – 3/06/2006): 03/06/06 Border enforcement … at CA Republican convention US – Mexico Commit to Combat Border Violence Guest worker amnesty causes human tsunami FRAUD, FRAUD EVERYWHERE Immigration a hot topic in Texas Senate District 7 ID 4 U, ID 4 ME Tour shows border-security challenge Hayworth sponsors […]

I’m shopping for a deep-concealment handgun. I’m looking at either the North American Arms .22 Magnum Mini-Revolver, or the Beretta Tomcat. (I’ve already got a Beretta 950, which I guess is more or less the current Bobcat model in .25, but I want more oomph).What I really wanted was one of these, but apparently the […]

If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, TRY THIS: Enter Mexico illegally. Never mind immigration quotas, visas, international law, or any of that nonsense. Once there, demand that the local government provide free medical care for you and your entire family. Demand bilingual nurses and doctors. Demand free bilingual local government forms, […]

This article (link) from Jim March is one of the most compelling arguments against banning guns that I have read. Jim has given permission to re-post as long as you attribute his name as the author. Letter to the gun-grabbers of San Francisco Rachel, Craig and whoever “Silence Dogood” is, The three of you have […]

Does anyone here have hull design, flotation and marine propulsion expertise? I’m working on a concept for amphibious transport that we all could enjoy … send a note.

Ranging Shots

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I have purposely stayed away from the discourse around the Religion of Peace’s antics because Denmark, London, Iran, Syria, Dubai, and so on weren’t local, didn’t affect me…. North Carolina today is local. (As was New York and Washington, DC). Three things in the news today – long post warning – are related and indicate […]

Fun with digital cameras department. Clear screen computer? Nope, actual background photo. Note the menu bar at the bottom of the screen and the tiny Recycle Bin icon at lower left. Oh, and Traction Control tip for the day: .223 casings make excellent pegboard hooks. (Look to the right of the phone, around the power […]

I was tuning some settings on the new site and got to thinking, “How do some sites display cool icons in FeedDemon, in the browser, in Favorites, in bookmarks?” I did a tiny bit of digging and came upon this So You Want Your Own Bookmark Icon, Huh?. “Yes”, said I. It was easy. I […]

Headlines and links from all over (2/19/2006 – 3/2/2006): 3/2/2006 Immigrant Bill Faces Tough Fight … Local Rancher Testifies Before Congress A harrowing ten-minute crossing to the US Immigration debate begins in Senate … Citibank subsidizes mortgages to illegal(s)… Immigration Mexico rejects ‘dirty war’ leak Senate Aims to Tighten Borders … 3/1/2006 Reuters Mexican gangs […]

via 2006 REPORTING ALIENS UPDATE TO REPORT AN ILLEGAL ALIEN OR CRIMINAL ALIEN RESIDENT contact the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division of the Department of Homeland Security by calling (866) DHS-2ICE to “report suspicious activity” (866) 347-2423. You can also make a report with the DHS/ICE Investigations division in a city near you […]

Militia: How Do I Join?

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There is no join. If you* are 18 through 45 years of age and a US Citizen, or have made a declaration of intention to become a US citizen. You are, as defined by Federal law the militia. This is the unorganized militia, the greatest hidden army the world has ever seen. If called, we […]

Publicola’s – The Post

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Today, Publicola penned one of those articles that you don’t just read, you don’t just bookmark. The Post is one of those rare gems you print to paper; you save to the hard drive; and then you make backups of the drive. The Post captures the focus, the essence, the gestalt of the aimed shot. […]

Bringing the issue of border security into the spotlight to bring about meaningful change is the goal of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. The Minutemen have said, “We’ll stand down when the borders are secured. They’re not secured yet. Operation Linebacker (Ed.-referring to a Texas program) is better than nothing, but it hasn’t done the […]

The National Parks Service contact link works now. My letter today: To: National Park Service From: Subject: Design Changes to Flight 93 Memorial Several of our citizens have contacted you in protest of the Flight 93 Memorial Design. In November you stated that you will review the design, yet nothing has changed significantly. Please […]


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