A humbling experience, it was. But as my shooting buddy said, “A day at the range beats a day in the office anytime”. The Bulldog Shooting Club 2006 Postal Shoot’s Traditional Class consisted of 2 shots each at five 2-7/8”targets, 45 feet away. Two of the 10 shots are “sighters” to the top left target; […]

Mr. Completely (Missed her, completely?) hosted a Blog-based shooting competition which ended today. Number 5 in a series; I think there is one every month. This month the target was called “Seein’ Stars”, and star shapes are a wickedly difficult piece of targetry. See his website/blog for results in the next 7 days or so. […]

Casa de Maryland spokesman, Executive Director Gustavo Torres says, “… we are going to picket their houses, and the schools of their kids” (Minuteman Volunteers’ kids). The Headlines: From CasaDeMaryland.org: Day labor battle brewing From MinutmanHQ.com: Taxpayer Funded Casa de Maryland Threatens Children of Minutemen From SteinReport.com: Taxpayer Funded Group Threatens to Picket Minutemen Kids’ […]

Bill Quick is quick to point it out. Bill takes issue with recent comments from U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. See the Daily Pundit post here. Well said, Bill!

Gullyborg’s “best shot ever” link tag reminded me of another story (from Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries ). Jeff Cooper’s “Tinian Shot“: “Anyone who knows anything about marksmanship knows that it is something one does not boast about. You may remember that Billy Dickson always attributed his long shot on the Indian to pure luck, and this […]

Carnival of Cordite

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The 49th Carnival of Cordite is up! Click.

e-Postal Handgun/Rifle match

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Mr. Completely has downloadable targets and rules for the e-Postal Handgun/Rifle match. The deadline for target submission is Monday night. See his site for all the details (& pass the word around). The Targets look mighty tough to score on. Ever tried the shoot-the-stars booth at the fair? They weren’t giving away many stuffed animals […]

Gun Pr0n 3

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Just because I like the look of it. (my Second Link here. Heh.) The Smith & Wesson Model 22A Plinker fitted with an UltraDOT Pan-A-V sight.

A Journey of 1,951 Miles

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(Reposted from the legacy site) To appreciate the vastness of the United States’ southern border, I began a virtual Journey (via Google Earth) along the border from Tijuana to Matamoros, Mexico. “Flying” at a virtual altitude of 3,000 – 4,000 ft. (where resolution allowed), my first impression was the sheer barrenness of the border. There […]

Alec Rawls, writing at Error Theory (see Blogroll) has as important update concerning the Flight 93 Memorial. Read the whole thing then pick up the phone. Contact numbers and addresses from his excellent post are: Gale Norton, Secretary of the Interior (who must sign off in the final design): gale_norton@ios.doi.gov 202 208-7351. Department of Interior […]

Gun Pr0n 2

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Just because I like the look of it. See Auto Ordnance’s site for details, (and more eye candy).

Federal Statues (Title 10, Chapter 13, Sections 311 and 312) define the Militia of the United States. You may notice that the composition of the militia, by statute, excludes females and persons older than 45 years of age, unless they are members of the National Guard. As this site is intends to be a resource […]

May the censors at Google someday understand that the voices of freedom do not need their sanction or their approval. News: Bloggers in Pakistan became first became aware of the ban on 28 February when they were unable to access a popular blog hosting site, Blogspot. One of the blocked sites is hosted on Blogspot, […]

Gun Pr0n

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Just because I like the look of it. See Magnum Research’s site for details (and more eye candy).


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